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All the Colors of the World

All the Colors of the World

A collection of 18 original songs inspired by the paintings of Norman Rockwell. Steve Vozzolo, a critically acclaimed singer/songwriter, performs with an amazing group of well known, world class studio musicians. The CD includes a beautifully designed, full color 12 page booklet of song lyrics and 21 Norman Rockwell images. Norman Rockwell is considered to be among the greatest and most beloved American painters. His paintings deal with social issues like racism, globalism and international relations. His painting, "Golden Rule", is on display at The United Nations in New York City. 

On a more personal human level, his work deals with some very deep levels of relationships, emotions, hopes, dreams and expectations. With a significant amount of artistic and poetic license, each song stands on its own and also "connects" to the specific Norman Rockwell paintings that were the original "inspiration" for this unique concept album. This beautifully produced collection of pop/rock, acoustic/electric music is destined to become a classic. The special limited edition cover design includes the same music and CD booklet as the "theater" cover.

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