Steve Vozzolo

Words & Music & Art - Steve Vozzolo is a critically acclaimed singer, songwriter, composer, lyricist, guitarist, recording artist and record producer.. Steve often uses art as inspiration in his songwriting and compositions.. 

Steve's music is heard on numerous broadcasts on NPR, Commercial and College Radio, BBC, Internet Radio, Satellite Radio, ESPN Sports Radio and Television as well as in film, television, documentaries and theatrical presentations.. His music can be heard all across America.. And, all across the world via the world wide web.. His popularity and air-play is growing throughout the UK, as well as all across Europe, particularly in Ireland, and in the Scandinavian countries, as well.. Steve's music is available everywhere in the world via internet music download websites..

As you will hear in his recordings, Steve writes in a variety of musical genres.. Pop ~ Rock ~ Americana ~ Contempory Folk ~ Instrumental/Theme Music ~ Theatrical Compositions ~ Jazz ~ Concept Music Compostions ~ Baseball Theme Music (unique original songs/vocal & instrumental) ~

"Steve Vozzolo and Friends".. Steve has been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to record and perform with many world class musicians.. A number of his songs have been recorded and performed by other notable artists as well.. Arlo Guthrie recorded and released "Norman Always Knew" on Arlo's record label, Rising Son Records.. Arlo also performed the song in a special 4th of July benefit concert at Tanglewood Music Center in Lenox MA... "Norman Always Knew" may also be heard on Steve's CD, 'All the Colors of the World' "..

Working with and becoming friends with the legendary music producer and mastering engineer, Rob Fraboni, will always remain as one of Steve's personal highlights in his life and career.. Steve newest CD recording release, "Fifteen Minutes Of Fame ~ Music Inspired by the Art & Times of Andy Warhol ~ Steve Vozzolo & The Tragic Poets," was mastered by the legendary music producer and mastering engineer, Rob Fraboni..

The list of notable world class studio musicians Steve has worked with is impressive, to say the least.. Please review the liner notes on his albums..

Steve's philosophy as a songwriter, recording artist and producer is simple and time proven to be successful.. "Work with only the best of the best, create an atmosphere where the musicians, engineers, art designers and producers feel a sense of complete musical and artistic freedom, and encourage everyone to put their personal signature of originality and creativity on the music and the production"..

* A personal note from Steve to music producers. performers and recording artists.. "If you are looking for songs to perform and/or record please feel free to contact me directly.. I write music in a wide range of styles and genres.. I would love the opportunity to work with you.. Thanks, Steve Vozzolo" ~

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